3rd Anniversary Event!

We will be showcase an impressive array of new and fabulous antiques and home decor to celebrate our 3rd anniversary! Thank you to all our amazing customers for making our store a success!

One thought on “3rd Anniversary Event!

  1. Lourdes, Jack, Pam & John, Beth, Patty, Martha…..and All my Wirewood Peeps…..
    Well this sucks!! I broke my ankle on March 11th. Metal plates, screws.. the whole works surgery. Just now starting to put a little weight on it after 2-1/2 months!! Can’t drive! Can’t walk! Can’t get anywhere! On both the “old lady walker” and the “old lady push along knee scooter” along with wearing the big, up to the knee, Boot!! REALLY MAD I can’t get to the Anniversary party!! Save some treasures for me!! (Also, Jan’s in Maine…so hopefully, when she gets back, we’ll both come Shopping!!) Just wanted to let you know that I’m not dead! And wanted to tell you all, I hope you have a FANTASTIC sale this weekend!! Hope to see you all soon! Congrats on Year 3! Shannon

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